Our Mixed Media Displays create a visually pleasing, yet informative, presentation to wow your audience. By using different substrates and incorporating full color, vibrant prints, we are able to bring ideas, brands, concepts, products, and stories to life.

The fusion of different materials, such as wood, metal, PVC, vinyl, and acrylic, help to establish your brand and identity in a way that will draw customers in and hold their attention til the end.

Mixed Media Displays are an ‘outside the box’ method to educating your clients and capturing their focus.


This local CrossFit gym used our Mixed Media Displays to create a timeline of events since the inception of their facility. We focused on featuring members, group activities, organized events, hosted courses and certifications for the images, while using several different motivational quotes printed on wood throughout. The pops of aluminum add dimension and interest to the pieces on display throughout their main offices.