Implement Barcodes & QR Codes To Your Advertising Strategy

Integrate QR Codes into your mobile marketing plan. We can custom create a barcode specifically for you, detailing information about your company, all scanned with your customers’ smartphones.


Customers can scan your custom-generated QR Code with their smartphone! QR Codes direct potential clients to specials, promos, or directly to your website.


QR Codes can be printed on material designed for high-traffic areas, even pavement, & draw attention in a unique & innovative way.

QR Codes can contain promotional data & information for specific sales. You can also track scan data to see how many potential customers are being reached.


QR Codes are also ideal for large spaces. They can be made in just about any size, & can be turned into a conversation piece for your office.

  • Dali Studios can help you create your custom QR Code! Track scans & information in real time.
  • QR Codes can be printed as giant wall murals & banners, or can be scaled down for simple storefront placement.
  • Design & create custom codes on stickers, business cards, or other fun & unique substrates for distribution at promotional events