Dali Studios was founded by David Okun and Alicia Soret, who together as industry trailblazers are also the co-founders and co-executive directors of Dali Decals(www.dalidecals.com), one of the largest and most popular wall decal manufacturers on the internet. Dali Decals, founded in 2008, quickly became an industry standard of excellence for their line of decorative wall decals, serving interior decorating needs for homes around the world.

As the direct-to-consumer retail portion of Dali Decals grew, so did the company’s portfolio of business marketing and corporate clients. “When we started Dali Decals, we never thought it would reach the success that it has so far, and then the demand for business marketing began to increase. It was clear we needed to launch Dali Studios as a separate arm of our Dali brand to better cater to the needs of both our consumer and business customers”, said Okun.

Our People.

We’re real people. Not corporate agency robots. Our team comprises a kaleidoscope of knowledge and experience from diverse backgrounds. With all of our powers aligned, there’s no end to the possibilities of our products and solutions.

What We Do.

You name it, we do it. Consider Dali Studios, your complete source for all of the graphic marketing needs for your business. Our vast range of products and solutions will help run the day-to-day aspects of your business, or simply help promote it.

How We Do It.

In our studios in Jacksonville, FL – we’ve assembled a fleet of production and service processes that utilize the very best in cutting-edge technology. Our studios allow for everything we do to be produced in-house. This streamlined manufacturing process lets us effectively offer our clients everywhere, quick production, world-wide shipping options, ease of mind, and the best in customer service.