Perforated Vinyl Decals are the perfect solution

  • Blocking excessive sunlight transfer while adding graphics or branding at the same time!
  • Adding eye-catching promotional imagery on exterior glass while retaining ability to see outside
  • Versatile usage on building and vehicles exterior and interior windows

Perforated Vinyl is available in various densities. As seen in these examples, a perforated vinyl can act as a partial shield from bright outdoor sunlight and add privacy to an indoor area while still maintaining adequate exterior visibility. Depending on the density of perforated vinyl used, this versatile material is often used to take advantage of large exterior glass windows and surfaces that can be prime real estate for branding and advertising.

Choosing a high density perf vinyl such as the 80/20 will give you the most unobstructed view through your window graphic when awareness of customers and outside foot traffic is key. In some cases the choice is made based on the design or graphics to be printed. Finer detail and smaller design elements can get lost or lose their impact with an 80/20 perforated vinyl material.